The Friends of the Fire Truck held an Open House on Jan. 18, 2007 which was well-attended by members of the community. They were given the opportunity to view the 1926 American LaFrance Fire Engine that was purchased in March of that year for the newly-created Center Line Fire Department.

In addition to enjoying refreshments and socializing with one another, attendees were also able to view old photographs of the fire engine and members of the CLFD who operated it during its 30 years of service.

Organizers thank the Open House attendees for coming and showing their support.

David and Kathy Hanselman, January 18, 2007
David and Kathy Hanselman

Relatives of Clem, Ed, Leo and Bert Grobbel, who were early members of the CLFD.

This American LaFrance Type-75 is powered by a six-cylinder T-head engine with a 5 1/2 inch bore by 6 inch stroke, rated at about 100 horsepower. The truck is chain driven, with mechanical brakes on the rear wheels only. It has a rotary gear fire pump capable of displacing 750 gallons of water per minute. Because the truck does not carry water, its pump would be connected to a fire hydrant so that it could boost the pressure and flow to the hoses it carried.

It was designated Engine No. 1 when the City of Center Line purchased a second fire engine in 1937. Engine No. 1 was permanently taken out of service and sold in 1957 when it was replaced by a new fire apparatus. Read more about the early history of the CLFD here.

The Friends of the Fire Truck is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to complete the purchase of the fire truck and begin restoration so that it can be used for community events. A fund-raising dinner is being planned for later this year. Your individual donation can also help them accomplish their goal.

Checks made payable to "Friends of the Fire Truck" can be mailed to:

Friends of the Fire Truck
7070 E. Ten Mile Road
Center Line, MI 48015

Additional contact information can be found here.

View Wes Arnold's Photos taken at the Open House


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