Robert Krumholz's Greenhouse on Engleman Ave. (Church Rd.)
in Center Line, MI

Robert Krumholz (1887-1968) owned property on the south side of Engleman (Church Rd.) where he lived and also operated a greenhouse and florist business.


1927 map

Robert Krumholz was the Center Line Village President in 1931 when he agreed to allow the easterly portion of his property to be used as a Village Park.  


1952 aerial photo

Comfort St. is shown in this aerial photo at the far right and Alex St. is nothing more than a dirt track that parallels it to the west.  
The Village Park that was opened in 1931 was located along the west side of Alex St., between Engleman and Warren Blvd.
The pond is barely visible in the 1952 aerial photo, just to the right of the square, white-roofed building.  
By the late 1960s, the pond was still there but the greenhouse buildings had fallen into disrepair.
Eventually the Krumholz property was acquired by St. Clement Parish and the site of the former Village Park became the parish's athletic field.


2011 aerial photo

The Krumholz greenhouse once stood on the location of the parking lot between the Father Murray Nursing Center and Engleman.
The pond was approximately where the St. Clement Field storage building is located (brown-roofed building at the northwest corner of the field). 

Last revised: 23 Oct 2016.