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My Grobbel Family genealogy information is contained on many different pages and locations. You can use the links at left to access the information described below. External links will open up a new window or tab.

I have written a manuscript titled The Grobbel Family History - the story of ten German emigrants, their ancestors in Westphalia, Prussia, and their many descendants in Michigan and elsewhere in the U.S.A. which is available in MS Word format (54 pages, 1.23 MB file size). Click here (or on the MANUSCRIPT link at left) to read, download and/or print the document.

If you do not have MS Word, you might want to start by reading the short SUMMARY of the "Grobbel Family History", followed by OUR GERMAN ROOTS and then the stories of the GROBBEL EMIGRANTS and their children.

I've created some web pages which allow you to quickly find any one of the 5,947 individuals who were listed in my "Grobbel Family Genealogy DATABASE " (as of 25 May 2013), and then determine that person's ancestors, spouse(s) and descendants. Click on the DATABASE link at left and then use the Table of Contents links to begin searching. Dates and locations have been removed for all living persons.

My FTM HOME PAGE, titled "The Grobbel Family History - from Germany to the U.S.A.", is an on-line repository for much of my Grobbel family genealogy information and photos.

Kathy (GROBBEL) Canapini is my first cousin and she wrote a story involving her father (Alton "Oz" GROBBEL) for her friends on Facebook. It's titled "An Amazing Gift" and I thought it deserved a wider audience, so with her permission I've placed it HERE on the Internet.

The SAUERLAND area of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany is the ancestral home of the Grobbel clan. These series of web pages contain many photos that I took during my visits in 2000 and 2003. They include pages about the villages where the Grobbel emigrants to the USA were born, along with some background information.

I have created a page for new and old PHOTOS I have acquired, mostly of descendants of my emigrant ancestor, Franz Anton Grobbel (born 1819 in Cobbenrode, Westphalia).

The MINICK, HILLER & SCHULTE and BENTLEY pages contain information on those families. My great-grandmother and her brother were Minick's who married Grobbel siblings. The Hiller & Schulte families are on my mother's side of the family and that page remains under construction. My great-aunt, Agnes Grobbel, married John Bentley and that page contains the information I am finding regarding John's parents and his Bentley ancestors.

Lynne (RIVARD) Ferencz is my third cousin through my father's GROBBEL line and she is also my sixth cousin through my father's PETERS/PITRE line. We have collaborated to put together some web pages containing a lot of her old RIVARD family photos as well as the history of the Rivard Brothers Ford dealership that operated in Baseline (Warren Township) Michigan from 1922 through 1956.

REUNIONS are a popular way to keep in touch with our far-flung relatives here in the USA and this page has photos and information pertaining to past and future reunions.

The LINKS page directs you to web pages that contain some interesting Grobbel-related information on the Internet.

The OTHER link currently takes you to a page with historical information about Grobbels who served in the US Military.

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