Mary (Minick) Grobbel and Family

Left to right: Edward Grobbel, Mary (Minick) Grobbel, Mary Frances Bentley,
Agnes (Grobbel) Bentley, John Bentley in the back yard of their family home on Dale Ave. (ca. 1939).

Leo "Jumbo" Grobbel, Dec. 1950

Edward Grobbel, Dec. 1950
Leo "Jumbo" Grobbel (top photo) and Edward Grobbel (bottom photo)
Both photos were taken at Christmastime, 1950 in their home on Dale Ave.

Edward J. Grobbel - "Uncle Eddie"
(08 April 1900 - 31 January 1982)
His Handwritten Autobiography, dated 01 March 1975

Born in the Village of Warren (State Road, now Mound, near Chicago road) April 8, 1900, the son of John Francis Anthony Grobbel, born Oct. 30, 1865, and Mary Grobbel, born May 16, 1869. He was the son of Francis Anthony Grobbel and Elizabeth Gobel and she was the daughter of John Minick and Marie Jansen. They were married at St. Clement June 27, 1894. Clem was first child Nov. 2,1895, Leo second Feb. 28, 1898, Marie Aug. 19, 1905, Agnes May 31, 1911.

When 5 years old, moved to a farm at corner of State Road (now Mound) at 11 Mile Rd (ed. - northeast corner). Started school at Public School between 12 and 13 Mile on State Rd. When in the 5th grade, went to St. Clement (ed. - school) and was kept in the 5th grade as they were ahead in education at that time. Was 1 Priest, Fr. Kramer, 4 Nuns, Teachers were Sr. Gertrude, Sr. Amata, Sr. Emerantia, the cook, Sr. Adrian. I made my 1st Communion in 1911. Up till that time it was 12 years of age, then 7 year olds were allowed. Was altar boy until leaving school June 1914, graduating from 8th grade, receiving an award of 2nd Prize in my class from Fr. Kramer, a book (Freddy Carr and Friends).

Then worked on farm, asst. cook Renshaw ranch, Warren Township Supervisor Ben Wolf on assessment roll and Treasurer's Ed and Otto Jacob in collection of taxes, Jackson Coal and Lumber Co.

Lived on farm until home burned May 16, 1926 (ed. - this happened on a Sunday while the family was in Center Line working on building their new home on Lot 145 on Dale Ave. An electric refigerator on the back porch of the old farmhouse shorted out and started the fire - they heard the fire alarm whistle and saw the smoke off in the distance while at the new house on Dale). Moved in new home July 1926.

In meantime was working for Clem digging basements, making cement blocks. floors and sidewalks. Worked for Village of Center Line Water and Street Department part-time 1932-1933. In Jan. 1934 started work at Alcoa at 40 cents per hour. Retired Aug 1964 when plant closed, then averaged $3.00 per hour. Now receive Social Security and Pension pay.

Marie died Sept 29, 1934, Mother Feb. 23, 1942, Dad March 11, 1942, Leo April 19, 1962.

Fractured left wrist Feb. 12, 1967. Treated for dry skin Feb. 17, 1965, still no soap, just oil for bathing now. Operation for cancer on left leg Feb. 1, 1971 by Dr. Yamasaki.

Lifetime activities in Societies and Clubs, etc. were many.

USHER CLUB - joined at start of the club, Feb. 26, 1923, elected Secretary April 1923, held this to April 1930 as I was making the appointments for Masses. Fr. Mayer came July 1929 and appointed me President. Fr. Murray came March 1952 when elections were again held and was elected yearly to 1971 when was given a lifetime honorary membership. Nov. 1974 the Club honored me with a friendship dinner and awarding of a beautiful Gold Plaque Commorating 50 years of service. (ed. - in conjunction with this dinner, on 24 Nov 1974, the Center Line Mayor and City Council issued this "proclamation of tribute" to Edward J. Grobbel to recognize his 50 years of charitable service to the City of Center Line and St. Clement Parish).

St. VINCENT DePAUL - Joined Aug. 1928, Vice President in 1933, appointed treasurer together with Vice President July 1934 till 1959. In meantime, President Ready died 1935 and I became President, still continuing to collect and deposit all money I received for the treasurers.

HOLY NAME SOCIETY - President 1929

CATHOLIC ORDER OF FORESTERS - Treasurer 1924-1928 inclusive, Life Policy

MACOMB CLUB - Treasurer 1926-1931, discontinued

CENTER LINE BUSINESS MENS BOWLING LEAGUE - Secretary Treasurer, 1924-1925, 1926-1950, quit

RED CROSS CHAPTER CENTER LINE, MACOMB CO. - Treasurer 1932-1940, discontinued



U.A.W., A.W.A., U.S.A. LOCAL UNION - Financial Secretary 25 yrs. 6 mos. to Aug. 1964, plant closed

CENTER LINE VOLUNTEER FIREMAN - 1927-1935, covering Warren and Center Line

(Transcribed and edited by Mike Grobbel, great-nephew of Edward J. Grobbel)
(ed. - my great-uncle left off this incident, which happened in Nov. 1903 when he was playing with matches in his family's ice house; at the time, they were living in Warren Village and his father ran the local saloon.)


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