Grobbel Family Photos

Here are links to web pages that contain some old and new photos:

Mary (Minick) Grobbel and Family - photos from about 1939 and 1950, plus Edward J. Grobbel's Autobiography

Monica Grobbel & Victor Burcar with Wedding Party and Guests in front of Church, 13 Sept 1952

Monica Grobbel & Victor Burcar's Wedding Luncheon, 13 Sept 1952

Monica Grobbel & Victor Burcar's Wedding Party, 13 Sept 1952
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In Honor of What Would Have Been Oz and Donna Grobbel's 50th Wedding Anniversary - February 27, 2004

A Grobbel "Full House" - three Marks and a pair of Jacobs, 15 Sept 2002

Our very own "Mr. Wizard" entertains and educates the Science Club at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Elementary School in Wyandotte, MI (April 2003)

Lucille (Kunath) Grobbel, 1919-2003 - photos and a letter from Susan (Grobbel) Pazzi to "Dear Aunt Lou"


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