"This Neighborhood Station Was Big Surprise to the Dealer"

The Rivard Brothers' Neighborhood Sales and Service Station, circa 1946.
The Rivard brothers operated this business in Detroit, Michigan at the southeast corner of Van Dyke and McNichols,
from 1935 until 1947.

More photos can be viewed at the bottom of this page. All photos are courtesy of Claude Greiner.

This May 15, 1937 "Ford Dealers News" article from the collection of Lynn (Rivard) Ferencz (below), explains how
this business venture complemented the Rivard Brothers' Ford Dealership in Warren Township on Van Dyke,
just north of Eight Mile Road.


Ver Hoven Chevrolet purchased this building in 1947 from the Rivard brothers to complement their existing new car dealership that was located across the street on the west side of Van Dyke. Here is an article from the Feb. 13, 1947 Grosse Pointe News describing Ver Hoven's grand opening of this facility.

For more information about the history of Ver Hoven Chevrolet, read Fred Kuplicki's "The Ver Hoven Auto Dealership Story".

The former Rivard Bros. neighborhood sales and service station after it was acquired by Ver Hoven Chevrolet, circa 1948.
All photos courtesy of Claude Greiner (click on any image to enlarge it)

In 1950, Ver Hoven demolished this building and those immediately to the south so that they could build a new sales and service facility to replace their old one across the street. Ver Hoven Chevrolet would continue operating in the new facility until they closed their doors in 1980. Today that building is home to the Metro 25 Tire and Service Center of Detroit plus a Dish Network store.


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