Cobbenrode and Kückelheim, NRW, Germany


North Side West Side

The Grobbel-Meister Hof in Cobbenrode (left: front or north side; right: west side).

Maria Catherina Eickhoff, genannt Spott's maternal ancestors were Meisters who were born in Cobbenrode, and her mother, Maria Catharina Meister, died 8 months before her Grandmother died in 1802.  Apparently at the age of 9 years old, M.Catherina Eickhoff, gt. Spott inherited the Meister Hof  from her Grandmother, and when she married J. Rottger Grobbel in 1815, he moved from Obringhausen to the Meister Hof in Cobbenrode. This house was the birthplace of Franz Anton (1819), John (1825) and Daniel Grobbel (1836), who emigrated together to the Detroit area in the early 1850's. The house has since become known as the Grobbel-Meister Hof. More recently, it was acquired by the owner of the house to the east and the two houses have been combined and enlarged to create the Hotel Henneman.

1890 Photo of Cobbenrode

"Upper-Cobbenrode Out of Southerly Direction from Frettholz, 1890"
In this photo, the Grobbel-Meister Hof is the building with the lightest colored roof in the upper center of the picture, just in front of and to the left of the Church.
(Photograph and information - courtesy of Reinhard Grobbel, Oberlandenbeck, NRW, Germany).


M.C. Eickhoff Birthplace View across the street

Left: The Spott Hof, which was the birthplace of Maria Catherina Eickhoff, genannt Spott (b. 1793). She married J. Rottger Grobbel on 28 Nov 1815 in Cobbenrode. Right: A view of homes directly across the street, with timbered hillsides rising from their back yards. Christmas Trees are grown commercially in this area of the Sauerland.

Locations of the Hofs in Kuckelheim Painting - Spott Hof, 1950

Left: a reprinting of an old map showing the location of the Spott Hof (12). Right: photo of a watercolor painting showing the Spott Hof in about 1950.
(from "Esloher Forschungen II - Wirtschaft und Verkehr im Esloher Raum", Rudolf Franzen, editor,
Jos. Grobbel Printing, Bad-Fredeburg, 1999)

Wormbach Lenne

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