Milchenbach, NRW, Germany

Milchenbach is a very picturesque village that has about 210 residents. It is located about 1.2 miles southwest of Lenne, but because of the hilly terrain, it is about a 2.5 mile journey by road. Milchenbach is nestled in the upper end of a valley, surrounded by mountains that loom between 300 and 900 feet over the town.

Willi Grobbel advertises his Ferienwohnung (vacation rental) in Milchenbach on the Internet (German only) and he includes a page that contains many additional photos of the village.

The Grobbel's made their way from Obringhausen to Milchenbach by way of Lenne. Anton Hermann Lorenz Grobbel was born in Obringhausen on 26 March 1742. He married Anna Maria Niederste on 16 June 1766 in Lenne, which is where they lived and raised a family. One of their sons, Anton, was born on 31 October 1773 and he married Anna Catherina Storck on 16 April 1800.

Aerial photo of Milchenbach taken on 13 Sept 2003.   North is to the right in this photo.

West side South side

Birthplace of Johann Jakob Franz Grobbel (b. 15 February 1804) and Peter Anton Grobbel (b. 12 June 1873)
[left: view from the west; right: view from the south]

Anna Catherina Storck was born in Milchenbach on 13 February 1785. The Storck's were long-time inhabitants of Milchenbach, and this house is where she and her husband, Anton Grobbel, lived after their marriage. They had 3 children before Anton died on 29 March 1807. The current inhabitants of this house are descended from their second child, Johann Jakob Franz Grobbel.

Reverend Peter Grobbel A grandson of Johann Jakob Franz, Peter Anton Grobbel, was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest in 1905. He was immediately sent to serve as the Assistant Pastor of the Catholic Church in Spaulding, Nebraska, U.S.A. He later served as the Pastor for churches in Randolph, St. Charles and West Point, Nebraska. Follow this link for more information about Rev. Peter Anton Grobbel.

Rev. Peter Anton Grobbel
(b. 12 June 1873, d. 16 April 1965)
(1947 photo)

1905 photo

The family of Johann Caspar Grobbel and Maria Catherina Eickelmann pose for the photographer in front of their house in Milchenbach (about 1905). Johann Caspar Grobbel was a grandson of Johann Jakob Franz Grobbel. Compare this photo to the photos above that were taken 95 years later of the same house. [1905 Photo courtesy of GŁnter Grobbel ]

This farmhouse exhibits the typical functional design that evolved over the centuries in this region . Note the large doors on the front of the house which allowed the farm wagon to be driven into the building to unload feed for the animals that were sheltered inside. The windows above the large doors could be opened for ventilation and to permit the escape of smoke while curing meats. As these farmhouses were modernized in the 20th century, the animal stalls were converted to living space and the large doors were usually removed. However, in this house, the large doors have been retained, and the area immediately inside has been made into an impressive 3 story entry foyer, complete with a staircase and a dormer for additional light.

Lenne Schmallenberg

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