"Crossing the Line"
The Pollywogs aboard the LST-726 became Shellbacks during a ceremony
held on May 31, 1945, the day the ship crossed the Equator.

The Crossing the Line ceremony is a traditional initiation rite that commemorates a sailor's first crossing of the Equator.
The LST-726 was sailing from Ulithi in the Caroline Islands to Manus in the Admirality Islands when it crossed the Equator at 146 degrees East Longitude
on May 31, 1945 at 2230 Hours, King time zone.  The ship's war diary for that day indicates that "12 Shellbacks initiated 101 Pollywogs today."

All photos are from the album of Frederick Lee Oselett (1926-2002)
Yeoman Second Class, United States

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King Neptune's Royal Court

Pollywog initiation ceremony

"Royal Court" - Ludwell E. Echols, FC3c, Billie J. Delaney, BM2c, Patrick L. Argeri, MoMM1c, Lt (jg) Ritt

"The Prosecutor"
Lt (jg) J. Glover

"Davey Jones"
Art Jones, EM2c

"Royal Devil"
Eugene R. Crombine, MoMM3c

Earl V. Furman, S1c

J. Cain, S1c

"The Royal Doctor" attends to John H. Bricker, RM2c

"The Royal Doctor" with E. Harding, PhM2c

A pollywog is given a raw egg to eat.

Apparently it was hard to swallow.

A "low pollywog" before the Royal Court

Pollywogs before the Royal Court.

J. Manna, S1/c

A pollywog runs the gauntlet.


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