United States Navy Landing Ship-Tank

Photos taken while the LST-726 visited various ports in the Western Pacific

Umless otherwise noted, all photos are from the album of Frederick Lee Oselett (1926-2002)
Yeoman Second Class, United States Navy

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Honolulu, Dec. 1944

Left to right: Henry W. Wright, MoMM2c, George Elmer Johnson, MoMM1c 
(photo courtesy of  Doug McCoy, grandson of John L. Marshall, Cox)

Sasebo, Japan, Oct. 1945 

Woman Carrying Bucket
Woman Carrying Bucket
Woman Carrying Firewood
Woman Carrying Firewood

Daily Shopping

Directing traffic in downtown Sasebo

Going Home

Humble Servants

Local Scene

Japanese Aircraft Carrier

Peace Envoy's Airplane

"Ship Ahoy"

Two Girls

Smiling Girls

On the Waterfront

Left to right: Charles "Bill" Williams, SK2c. Fred Oselett, Y2c and  Ted "Smitty" Karaszkiewicz, SC2c

Charles "Bill" Williams, SK2c

Fred Oselett, Y2c and friend

Theodore J. "Smitty" Karaszkiewicz, SC2c

Fred Oselett, Y2c, Chester A. Stitler, Jr., SM2c,Ted Karaszkiewicz, SC2c

Butch - the LST-726 Mascot

Okinawa Photos - Nov. 1945

George W. Cameron, S1/c, Jade House, Okinawa, Nov. 1945

Gordon D. Brindley, S2/c, Japanese Shrine, Okinawa, Nov. 1945

Guadalcanal and American Samoa Photos - early 1946

LST-726 on the beach at Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

Tied up in Pago Pago, American Samoa

Robert A. Traetta, SF2/c, native girl, Hughie T. Gay, BM2/c
("SNAFU" written  on truck in background)

Bob Traetta

Hughie Gay


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