United States Navy Landing Ship-Tank

Photos taken aboard the LST-726, 1944-1946

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are from the album of Frederick Lee Oselett (1926-2002)
Yeoman Second Class, United States Navy

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Officers and Crew Members

Left to right: Lt.(jg) J.Ritt, Lt. T. Tisza, Lt.(jg) J. Glover, Ens. J. Jensen

Left to right: Lt.(jg) J. Glover, (Exec. Officer), Lt. Thomas Tisza, (Commanding Officer), Ens. J. Wilmes (Supply)

Top: J. Jensen, J. Glover, J. Wilmes, J Alper, Shuck, T. Tisza
Bottom: W. Simmons, J. Ritt, Stein, Chesley

J. Alper and Lt. T. Tisza

2nd Division (Engineering)
Top: Cavanaugh, Johnson, Howell, Smith, Codling
Middle: James, Wright, Morrison, McCall, Joerq, unknown
Bottom: Taylor, Kurash, Joerq, Methemy, unk., unk., Banner
Foreground: Johnson, CMoMM

4th Division (Supply)
Top: Nelson, Smitty, Fraser
Middle: Ensign Wilmes, Byrd, Williams, Stroupe, Dove, unk.
Bottom: Oselett, Boothe, Whelan, Winnot

Paul Kurash (photo taken on 01 Nov 1944 in Gulfport, MS)

Bob Traetta (standing) and Fred Oselett

John L. Marshall, Cox
[link to his studio portrait]
(photos courtesy of his grandson,  Doug McCoy)

Awarding the Purple Heart

Reading citations

Presentation to Lt.(jg) Wayne Simmons, USN

Fred Oselett, Y2/c and Lt. (jg) Thomas Tisza (foreground)

Lt. (jg) Wayne Simmons, USN


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