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WW II Landing Ship, Tank
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Roster of Officers and Crew as recorded in the ship's Deck Log for 15 Jan 1945
during the commissioning of the ship at the Algiers Naval Station, Louisiana.

Roster of Officers (9 total)

Lieut. Robert S. Marshall,
USNR, Commanding Officer
Lieut. Gustav A. Hoffman,
USNR, Executive Officer
Lieut. (j.g.) Benjamin V. Wolf, *
USNR, First Lieutenant
Lieut. Harold F. Spilker,
USN, Engineering Officer
Ensign Keith LaMoine
USNR, Communications Officer
Ensign Robert J. Ebert
USNR, Gunnery Officer
Lieut. (j.g.) George E. Overbey, Sr.
USNR, Stores Officer
Ensign Samuel E. Kinsley
USNR, Watch Officer
Ensign Walter D. Keeble
USNR, Watch Officer

Muster Roll of Crew 4757 (107 total)

Clifford J. Anderson, S1c RM Robert E. Greenwood, SC1c Francis J. Kearney, S2c Arthur J. Operle, S2c
James A. Arentz, BM2c Robert C. Grobbel, S2c Frederick W. Kendall, MoMM2c * Thomas Osinski, S2c
Clyde A. Aspleaf, F1c Orven I. Hagen, S2c Douglas F. Kenyon, S2c GM Clyde E. Parsons, SC2c
Edward M. Ballard, Jr., S2c Peter C. Hall, PhM2c Karl G. King, S2c Dennis F. Pollutro, S2c *
Byron C. Benton, PhM2c Robert E. Hamilton, S1c Clifford King, F2c Robert G. Price, QM3c
Karl S. Bohn, RdM3c Robert A. Handy, GM3c Austin F. Kirchoff, F1c MoM Leonard H. Ratajczak, RM3c
Thomas E. Brown, Jr., BM1c Arthur K. Harvala, S2c Edwin B. Kleinhenz, F2c Grover L. Riggs, S2c
Henry W. Brown, CMoM Wilbourne B. Harvill, S2c Clement G. Klimek, S2c Burton E. Rothman, S2c
Leroy Buchanan, S1c Chester A. Hasek, S2c * Benton F. Knoff, EM3c Donald L. Rury, S1c
Cecil C. Callahan, F1c MoM Daniel F. Haas, S1c SM Walter Kolak, MoMM1c Paul W. Ruth, S2c
Thomas O. Cole, F1c MoM Peter O. Haugmo, S2c Harold A. Lauren, S1c Daniel J. Ryan, S2c
James C. Coleman, GM3c Robert R. Hauser, S2c Robert L. Levis, WT2c Walter Schnoor, S2c
Robert L. Collins, SF3c Robert J. Hayes, S2c Floyd O. Lyons, S1c Vincent Sgueglia, Jr., Bkr2c
Vernon L. Collins, GM3c Albert D. Headley, F1c L. J. Maliszewski, S2c Curtis A. Shell, S1c SC
George R. Conger, Jr., MoM3/c * William J. Herring, S2c * Chester Maxim, MoM3c * Percy J. Spellings, PhM3c
Charles R. Cook, S1c RM Leonard G. Hester, F2c James G. McDonald, MoM2c Lawrence H. Stabnow, S2c
Carl C. Copley, F2c EM James F. Hewson, F1c MoM Robert J. McGreevy, S2c Nicholas Stanovich, MoMM1c
Richard T. Courtney, F1c EM Lawrence J. Hoffman, F2c James G. Miller, S1c Willis Stitt, StM1c *
William R. Etringer, S2c Percival G. Hoskin, GM3c Kenneth R. Miller, F2c Leonard W. Suib, QM1c
Lee M. Faucette, SC1c SC William A. Huff, GM2c Charles H. Mobley, SK1c Fred Tenny, Jr., F1c
Enrique O. Fernandez, Y1c John J. Jackson, FS2c H. J. Modzelewski, Cox Joseph Terry, StM1c
Delmar L. Gilreath, SM2c Wolff J. Jaglinski, FC3c Donald J. Moriarity, S2c Leslie G. Thorn, S2c
Donald M. Glime, F1c WT Bernard E. Jobes, MoM3c Dennis Moyers, S2c * John Toohey, S1c
James W. Grant, S2c Robert B. Jones, S2c * Joseph J. Niedbalec, SF2c Howard J. Tully, S1c GM
Joseph A. Grassoni, S2c Thurman E. Kantner, F1c MoM Charles E. Noonan, S2c Charles A. Williams, S1c FC
Robert T. Gratz, S2c Herbert I. Kayne, S2c John L. Olson, S2c Robert F. Williams, MoM2c
Julian P. Gravely, S2c Donald L. Kazmierczak, S2c James A. O'Malley, S2c  

Source: USS LST-847 Deck Log, Vol. #1, entry for 15 Jan 1945
(National Archives and Record Administration, College Park, MD; Location: RG 24, Stack 470, Row 38 (Vol. #1) and 45 (Vol. #2))

Names with a (*) indicate that a line was manually struck through their name on the carbon copy of the typed Muster Roll that was stapled onto the Deck Log page for 15 Jan 1945. I've included all of their names in this list because I have other evidence that at least five of them actually did serve on the LST-847 (Wolf, Conger, Hasek, Kendall and Maxim), and that a sixth (Moyers) had his name added back at the bottom of the list by someone using a different typewriter. More recently, I've learned from Fred Kendall that for the most part, the strikethroughs indicate those men who had been re-assigned from other ships to provide a nucleus of experienced sailors and who had not yet arrived on board by the day of the commissioning.

Underlined names are those who I have been in contact with since January of 2004. My uncle, Robert Grobbel, passed away in October of 2000. His last name was spelled "Groble" on the typwritten list, so it is likely that there are other spelling mistakes in the list above. Lee M. Faucette, Jr. has written me and mentions that his father's first name was not "Leon" as was recorded on the Muster Roll and I have corrected it in the list above.

Ray Louis Pape, Dwaine H. Russell, Joe Huser, John LeCouras and Francis A. "Frenchie" La Plante were also assigned to the LST-847 at different points in time after it was commissioned.

Please contact Mike Grobbel if someone you know is on this list, or if you know of a missing crewmember's name or a spelling mistake.


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