WW II War Letters

Robert Grobbel, S2/c USN (1926-2000)

Letter written on 9 May 1945 from aboard the USS LST-847, while moored in Kanehoe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

            May 9, 1945
Dear Dad & Mom,            

Well at last I got time to write. Sorry for not writing sooner but I have been keeping myself pretty busy. This is the first letter I wrote in a little over a month.

Well today is a day that will go down in history books. I don't see how Japan thinks she is going to win this war now. Boy we sure gave Germany hell. I guess every body back home got feeling pretty dam good - sure wish I could have been back there to help drink a few. But the day before yesterday I really got a load on.

I got a letter from Vince the other day, he was in Norfolk when he wrote it. I haven't heard from Alton for quite a while, but I guess he is pretty busy. Well I guess the weather is really swell over there now. Over here we forgot all about summer, it is dam hot and the mosquitoes are so big they landed on a carrier the other day and they put 90 gallons of gas into it before they found out what it was. And at night when you go on watch they knock a guy over when they come by you. But it is sure nice here.

Well Dad the next time I write home I could be S1/c if everything goes right. I have been putting all of my free time into washing my clothes. because over here you got to have white on for liberty. Tell Mom that I am very sorry that I never answered her last letter but I just never got time. And tell Mom when she comes back from Calif. that I really enjoyed the candy (so did 20 other guys). I got the candy about 8 days ago. I hope Mom enjoyed her trip down there because it is sure some nice country there.

Well I bet you can't wait till Dick comes home. In this last month some big things have happened, eh Dad. Boy I was really sorry to hear that F.D.R. died last month and then Ernie Pyle getting killed and glad Germany out of the war.

Well dad I can't say where I am at or what I am doing or what I have done but I wish we would get out where we are at.

I wasn't able to get Mom anything for Mothers Day till today and I also got a Mothers Day present because I don't know when I could get another chance dad.

Well Dad, I didn't make a higher rating yet but I did take a big jump last week to what I am aiming for. Now I am head of the Boatswains locker so I guess I am getting there.

How is everybody back home now? I bet the children can't wait till schools out. How is Uncle Art making out now? Is Tommy Grobbel home from the Army? How is Uncle Joe getting along these days? You can tell him dad that I had a dream about him last week that he was giving us kids dimes and pennies like he used to do way back. Has anybody been getting out of the Army lately?

I will try to send the present quick as I can but it may be some time Dad. Well Dad I have to close now but so long for now and I will try to do better in writing sooner.

Your Son,

P.S. It may be some time before I can answer your letter but I will do my best Dad

For Censor
R.C. Grobbel S2/c
U.S.S. L.S.T. - 847 - F.P.O.
San Francisco Calif.

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