Memorial Day Service for the "Polar Bears"
White Chapel Cemetery
May 30, 1958

Veterans of the American North Russia Expeditionary Force (ANREF) march through White Chapel Cemetery on their way to the Memorial Day service at the Polar Bear Monument.
This was exactly 39 years after the first Memorial Day service for fallen members of the ANREF was held at the Allied Cemetery in Archangel, Russia.

Louis H. Stark is in front and center looking away from the camera as he shakes hands with John Toornman (wearing bow tie).
The two ANREF veterans were members of Sgt. Burke’s squad in G Company, 339th Infantry Regiment.  
On Dec. 4, 1918, Louis and John participated in the Battle of Karpogora along with Clarence Malm and Jay Pitts.  
Louis was wounded and Clarence and Jay were both killed during that battle and are buried alongside the Polar Bear Monument.

Memorial Day Service at the Polar Bear Monument, May 30, 1958.


(photos and caption information courtesy of Kevin G. Stark, grandson of Louis H. Stark)