From the MONROE (Michigan) DEMOCRAT, Saturday July 5, 1919 (pg. 1, col. 2)

While practically all of Monroe was fast asleep the Monroe "Polar Bears" of the 339th infantry arrived home and although they did not put in their appearance until 2:00 o'clock Friday morning, they were greeted by a fair sized crowd, made up of relatives and friends.

The Monroe "Polar Bears" did not arrive in Detroit until after midnight and were rushed home as soon as possible aboard a Detroit, Monroe & Toledo railway special. They made for their own homes as soon as they alighted from the car and when they put in their appearance on the down town streets during the day they were warmly greeted.

The Monroe party that greeted the "Polar Bears" upon their arrival in Detroit and accompanied them home was made up of the Misses Marguerite and Florence Stoner, Emma Heil, Marie Heil, Mabel Dewey, Hazel Rau and Marion Steffel, and Messrs. William Heil, Frank Stoner, Fred Kull, George Lang, and Edward Greening.

Had the "Polar Bears" who have been serving in Russia for the past eight months, arrived in Monroe at 10:00 o'clock which was the hour announced they would arrive, they would have been greeted by nearly 1,000 people.


Courtesy of Bygones of Monroe

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