James M. Gow's
U.S. Coast Guard
Military Service
Photos & Records

All items are courtesy of his son, James M. Gow, Jr.

James with his mother.


Photos of James taken
while home on leave.


Yeoman 1/c James M. Gow, USCG toasts his wife, the former Marion Larson,
at the reception immediately following their wedding on 07 July 1942 in Minneapolis, MN.


Lt. (j.g.) James M. Gow USCG, with his wife Marion and their four week old son, James Jr. on 08 April 1945.


The officers of the USS Davenport (PF-69).
Lt. (j.g.) James Gow is in the back row, second from the right.


Lt. (j.g.) James Gow on the bridge of the USS Davenport.


The USS Davenport rides out a storm while on Weather Station duty
in the North Atlantic during the autumn of 1945.


Lt. (j.g.) James M. Gow (arrow), Assistant First Lieutenant of the USS Davenport, directs crewmen using a Breeches Buoy to bring aboard mail and movies from a supply ship while underway in the North Atlantic during the autumn of 1945. BM1/c Vincent Grobbel is facing the camera at far left.


Lt. (j.g.) Gow proudly poses alongside a
1941 Plymouth Special DeLuxe convertible,
one of 10,545 that were produced during that model year.


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Lt. (j.g.) Gow's Fitness Report, dated 31 March 1945 and signed by Cdr. Stolfi.
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Promotion to Lt. Discharge

Lt. Gow's Promotion and Discharge papers.
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