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Elderly Calumet City man found murdered in garage
August 12, 2010

An elderly south suburban man was found murdered in his garage Tuesday night in Calumet City. Police responded to the home at 6:47 p.m. Tuesday to conduct a well being check in the 400 block of Greenbay Avenue and found the man lying inside the detached garage, according to a Calumet City police release.

Egedio J. Dinelli, 88, of Calumet City, was found with head trauma in his garage and was dead on the scene, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. Dinelli died of multiple blunt force trauma in an assault and his death was ruled a homicide, according to an autopsy performed Wednesday.

Egedio "Joe" Dinelli was a Gunner's Mate Second Class on the USS Davenport and my condolences go out to his family and friends - the Webmaster.

Here is a video news report about Joe's murder from television station WGN-TV

Vigil held in Calumet City for 88-year-old beating victim
August 29, 2010
By Dennis Sullivan, Chicago Tribune

Family, neighbors and concerned citizens march at the vigil for Egedio "Joe" Dinelli on Aug. 29, 2010.
(Chris Salata/for the Chicago Tribune)

Alarmed by the beating death of Egedio "Joe" Dinelli earlier this month, about 250 people held a vigil today in front of the 88-year-old resident's home in Calumet City.

St. Victor Catholic Church Pastor Len Dubi told the gathering, most of them parishioners, that Christian charity "doesn't mean we have to take things lying down." A long-time social activist, Dubi stood on Dinelli's front porch and called on participants to organize at a grassroots level "to unite across all of the lines that could divide us" for safety and security. [read the rest of this article here]

Cal City residents respond to 'brutal' crime
August 30, 2010
By Carrie Steinweg, Times Correspondent - nwi.com

After morning Mass at St. Victor Catholic Church in Calumet City, members of the congregation poured out onto the sidewalk Sunday to march to the home of Egedio "Joe" Dinelli.

The 88-year-old World War II veteran was found slain inside his garage earlier this month. [read the rest of this article


The U.S.S. Davenport was commissioned at 1600 hours on 15 Feb 1945 at Pier #10, Tennessee Coal and Iron Company, Houston, Texas. Below is the roster of the ship's USCG Officers and Crew (216 total), as recorded in that day's Deck Log entry.

Officers (12)

Commander Henry F. Stolfi,
USCG, Commanding Officer
Hometown: Storrs, CT
Lieut. (j.g.) Biaggio J. Manno,
USCGR, First Lieutenant
Hometown: N. Bergen, NJ
Ensign Austin W. McCabe
USCGR, Communications Officer
Hometown: Providence, RI
Lieut. Comdr. Frederick G. Swink,
USCGR, Executive Officer
Hometown: Westboro, MA
Lieut. (j.g.) James M. Gow
USCGR, Asst. First Lieut.
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Ensign William S. Harmon
USCGR, Asst. Gunnery Officer
Hometown: Haskell, OK
Lieut. Arthur E. Muffler,
USCG, Engineering Officer
Hometown: Duluth, MN
Lieut. (j.g.) Howard W. Mitchell
USCGR, Supply Officer
Hometown: Halethorpe, MD
Ensign Robert S. Eckley
USCGR, Asst. Engineering Officer
Hometown: Peoria, IL
Lieut. (j.g.) Robert W. Sayles, Jr.,
USCGR, Gunnery Officer
Hometown: Chestnut Hill, MA
Lieut. (j.g.) Coleman L. Romine,
USCG, Anti-Sub Warfare Officer
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
P. A. Surgeon (R) Melvin S. Dennis,
USPHS, Medical Officer
Hometown: Detroit, MI

Chief Petty Officers (10)

Wayne E. Adams, Chief MM James L. Hall, Chief PhM John H. Johnson, Chief Yeoman Andrew M. Morgan, Chief WT
Jack Guerry, Chief BM Cleo B. Hartley, Chief MM Harry M. Kroger, Chief QM William C. Scott, Chief GM
  John C. Howard, Chief
Commissary Steward
Joseph G. Walker,
Chief Radioman

Crew (194)

Louis A. Addimando, RM3/c Charles L. Frick, Jr., S1/c Felix Marciniak, S1/c Joseph A. Russo, S1/c *
Carl W. Ainge, S1/c James C. Fry, S1/c Michael J. Marren, S2/c Matthew J. Ruszkowski, GM2/c
Edmund Antoszewski, S1/c Harold J. Gill, MM1/c Vern E. Maxwell, GM1/c Joseph E. Salyga, SoM3/c
Edward M. Angeluski, WT3/c * Walter S. Gillin, BM1/c William H. McAvoy, EM3/c Alfonso Sankis, S1/c
Lionel J. Auclair, S1/c James Gilmore, SC3/c Sylvester P. McCullough, S2/c John B. Santano, S1/c
Jack G. Ball, MM1/c John J. Gracan, WT1/c John J. McGotty, S2/c Dominic M. Sarik, EM3/c
Hubert H. Bellamy, S1/c Marion A. Graham, S1/c James H. McKernan, Jr., F1/c Edward Schmidt, S1/c
Vern J. Blodgett, SC2/c Jesse F. Green, MM2/c Hollis R. McKnight, MM1/c Richard B. Schmidt, S1/c
Lewis A. Blomgren, S1/c John F. Griffin, Jr., S1/c Donald A. McLellan, SoM3/c Emanuel A. Schnepp, S2/c
John Bowers, MM2/c Lloyd G. Griffiths, S1/c John McMullan, S1/c Stephen F. Sciuto, S2/c
Richard J. Boyer, SK2/c Vincent A. Grobbel, BM1/c * Michael H. Mercurio, S2/c William T. Semple, EM1/c
Thomas E. Bretz, SM1/c * Harold A. Guertz, S1/c Dominic Mezzapella, Jr., S1/c Milton J. Simons, Sp1/c (CW)
John C. Bright, S1/c John E. Haberman, S1/c Everett L. Middleton, S1/c Fred Singer, S1/c
Thomas L. Brooks, StM3/c Duncan M. Hall, Cox * Harold E. Miller, MoMM2/c William J. Smuda, GM3/c *
Gerald A. Brown, PhM3/c Dudley B. Hanke, S1/c Luther M. Minter, S1/c Billy G. Smith, S1/c
Rainey J. Brown, RM3/c * James F. Hanley, Jr., MM2/c Hugh J. Morgan, Yeo1/c Fred W. Smith, BM2/c
George A. Brunberg, MM2/c Jack W. Hansen, RM3/c Howard W. Morrison, S2/c Thomas B. Smith, StM3/c
Warren E. Brush, S1/c Robert W. Hayes, S1/c Raymond H. Morrison, S1/c William H. Solomon, S1/c
Ralph C. Bryant, MM2/c Frank T. Hayman, S1/c Robert N. Mueller, S2/c James L. Spillane, S1/c
Charles L. Burgan, SC1/c John J. Heenan, S1/c Clyde E. Murphy, FCM3/c Robert F. Staub, S1/c
Harry P. Bussing, QM1/c Edgel. A. Hendershot, F2/c Harold J. Murphy, S2/c Richard L. Stewart, S1/c
John G. Byrum, S1/c John H. Hill, StM3/c Reaves L. Murphy, RM3/c Lawrence B. Stofchick, Yeo3/c
Welburn J. Caldwell, CM1/c Robert F. Hill, S1/c Andrew J. Murray, S2/c John G. Stoughton, S1/c
Carrol Chaffin, QM3/c James D. Hiller, WT3/c Robert W. Nellen, Yeo2/c Norman A. Stuttwig, S1/c
Donald Chamberlain, RdM2/c Thomas W. "Tex" Howell, Jr., Cox Donald A. Nelson, S1/c Attilio T. Tassi, Wt2/c
Robert E. Chestnut, RT3/c Roy G. Hunnam, RM2/c Robert J. Nelson, S2/c Catino R. Terramagra, S1/c
Arthur Chillicott, S1/c Paul J. Huston, S2/c Zachary Niemi, BM1/c Lawrence Thiemann, S1/c
Donald C. Christopherson, S1/c Oscar Jackson, StM3/c John Norman, S1/c Louis P. Thomas, S1/c
Peter K. Church, RM1/c Raymond Jensen, MM2/c John J. O'Connor, F1/c Harold E. Thompson, WT3/c
Harry R. Cooley, MM1/c Harold O. Johnson, S1/c Paul R. O'Donnell, S1/c Michael J. Thornton, S2/c
James A. Cullivan, F1/c Luther G. Jones, S1/c * William A. Ovesen, SK2/c Abram Van Zet, S1/c
John Davis, Jr., MM2/c Thomas C. Jones, S1/c Frank R. Owen, S1/c Milton J. Voight, WT3/c
William H. Dawson, S1/c Alfred A. Kast, F1/c August J. Palombo, S1/c Clarence E. Voelker, S2/c
Frank J. Digirolamo, S1/c Bernard E. Kearns, Jr., MM3/c Frederick E. Parker, S1/c * Leonard J. Waddish, S2/c
Egedio J. "Joe" Dinelli, GM2/c Charlie Keller, S1/c Generoso Pesce, F1/c Ira C. Walker, S2/c
George D. Dorough, S2/c Robert F. Klein, S1/c Paul E. Philbin, RM3/c Elmer L. Warren, F2/c
Ira A. Dowell, S2/c William D. Knight, QM2/c Arnold L. Price, EM2/c Lorin F. Weber, MM2/c
John H. Dukes, S2/c Anton A. Kohler, S2/c Alfred E. Pyne, III, BM2/c Sydney M. Wildman, S1/c
Raymond J. Dunscomb, SoM3/c Leo J. Kujawa, S1/c Earl Qualls, S1/c Hilbert W. Williams, S1/c
Warren T. Durbin, WT3/c Raymond L. La Berge, S1/c Elwood B. Ralston, S1/c Lloyd A. Willkens, S1/c
George E. Elder, S1/c George F. Lamb, S1/c Raymond V. Reilly, Jr., S1/c Edwin F. Wist, CM1/c *
Raymond S. Emery, S1/c Claude M. Leonard, Jr., S1/c Peter A. Renzella, S2/c James J. Witt, RM1/c
Frank H. Fash, S1/c Harry L. Leonard, F2/c Don F. Roban, S1/c * Frank W. Woodruff, StM3/c
Nino D. Favero, F1/c Dominic Lepore, S1/c L. J. Robison, MM1/c Julius Yakim, S1/c
Richard J. Fisher, MM2/c Robert J. Lewis, S1/c Robert G. Rose, F1/c William J. Youse, SM3/c
James H. Flannery, MM2/c Clifton G. Loucks, S1/c Robert E. Rose, S1/c Burton Zatlin, S1/c *
John H. Fox, S2/c Bernard J. Lynch, S1/c Leonard J. Roznowski, SM3/c William J. Zima, S1/c
Galen R. Freel, GM3/c Bennet J. MacDonald, S1/c Milbert Rulbewsky, RM3/c Stanley B. Zurek, S1/c
James G. French, S1/c   Emil E. Rusconi, MM2/c  

The following names are from an undated, typewritten list of 36 USS Davenport crewmembers obtained by Edward M. Angeluski, WT3/c. All were included in the USS Davenport's 15 Feb 1945 Deck Log entry (above) except for the following 5 names:

F. D. Carpenter, StM1/c J. C. Frye, S1/c L. R. Murphy, BM3/c
M. L. Cortez, S2/c R. J. Morrison, S1/c  

Lt. David E. Oaksmith, USCGR reported aboard the USS Davenport after it arrived in Mers-el-Kebir, Algeria on 13 May 1945 and three days later on 16 May 1945, he assumed command of the Davenport, relieving Cdr. Stolfi.

a) USS Davenport Deck Log (Feb. 15, 1945 through June 30, 1945), pages 2 and 4, dated 15 Feb 1945.
(National Archives and Record Administration, College Park, MD; Location: RG 24, Stack 470, Row 32)
b) personal papers of Edward M. Angeluski, Fenton, MI

The (11) crewmembers who I've been in contact with are identified by a *
If you (or someone you know) are on this list, please contact
Mike Grobbel

Biographical Information

Stolfi, Henry F.
(1945 photo)
Born: 30 Jan 1908
Residence at enlistment: Brookline, MA
Residence (1945): Storrs, CT
Regular C.G. Academy Class 1930, Commissioned: Ensign, June 1930
Service Dates:
01 Feb 1941 to 01 Feb 1961
Ships Commanded (partial list): Commander, USS Davenport (15 Feb to 16 May 1945);
USCGC Iroquois (WPG-43) 1946; USCGC Escanaba (WPG-64) 1947-48; Captain, USS Westwind (1954-5)
Residence in 1976: Carmel, CA
Died: 20 Aug 1976
Buried: 25 Aug 1976,
Golden Gate National Cemetery , San Bruno, San Mateo County, CA, Plot: N 0 1340

Spouse: Frances B. Stolfi
Born: 25 Nov 1909
Died:17 Aug 1949
Buried: 19 Aug 1949, Golden Gate National Cemetery, Plot N 0 1340

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Oaksmith, David E.
(1945 photo)
Born: 12 July 1902
Residence: Rahway, NJ (1945); Mahwah, NJ (post-war)
Service Dates:
01 Oct 1922 to 01 Nov 1962
Ship Commanded (partial list): Lt. Cdr., USS Davenport (16 May to 10 Nov 1945)
Civilian Employment: Barham & Mitchell Insurance Inc., New York City, NY.
Died: 10 April 1990
Buried: 13 April 1990,
Arlington National Cemetery, SECTION 66  SITE 4704, Arlington, VA 22111

Spouse: Marguerite Patricia Oaksmith
Born: 12 Jan 1902
Died: 13 Dec 2002
Buried: 24 Jan 2003, Arlington National Cemetery, Section 66 Site 4704

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Gow, James M.
(1942-45 photos)
Hometown: Park Ridge, IL

Class of 1941, Cornell College, Mount Vernon, Iowa
Sept 1941 - Enlisted in the US Coast Guard
07 July 1942 -
Married to Marion Larson in Minneapolis, MN

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Brown, Rainey J.
(1945 photo)
Residence (2004): Baton Rouge, LA
Service Dates: 26 Sept 1942 to 05 Feb 1946

26 Sept 1942 - Enlisted in the US Coast Guard Reserve
26 Sept 1942 to 03 Nov 1942 - Boot Camp, Camp Harrahan, LA
03 Nov 1942 to 11 Jan 1943 - ODCGO8ND, New Orleans, LA
12 Jan 1943 to 22 Sept 1943 - USCG Cutter CG92003, Galveston, TX
23 Sept 1943 to 11 Feb 1944 - Galveston Base
14 Feb 1944 to 14 Aug 1944 - Radio School, CGTS Atlantic City, NJ
27 Aug 1944 to 5 Sept 1944 - USNS Algiers, LA
05 Sept 1944 to 05 Feb 1946 - USS Davenport (PF-69)

Enlisted as a Seaman 1/c, discharged as RM2/c

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Smuda, William J.
(photos ca. 1944)
Birthplace (1919): Philadelphia, PA
Service Dates: 1942 to1948

1942 - Entered the US Coast Guard; Boot Camp, Algeriers, LA
1943 - USS Tuckahoe, based in Pilot Town, LA, Galveston, TX
1944 - USS Howard D. Crowe (DE-252)
1945 - USS Davenport (PF-69)
1946 - USCGC Colfax
1947 - USCGC Gentian


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Bellamy, Hubert H.
Hubert Hyatt Bellamy was a member of the commissioning crew of the USS Davenport. Hubert was born 5 August 1925, Supply, Brunswick County, North Carolina and died 18 March 2009, Supply, Brunswick County, North Carolina. His interment was in Brunswick Memorial Gardens, Shallotte, Brunswick County, North Carolina. His parents were William Earl Bellamy and Ava Missouri Gray.  He was survived by his wife, Ophelia Dare Whaley,  daughter Rhonda Ava Bellamy Little, and two sons, Kimbell Hyatt Bellamy and James Earl Bellamy. (Submitted by Hubert's second cousin once removed, Melvin L. Sellers, LT, USCG (Ret.))

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