Ryan & Stacy's Wedding Reception
Dexter, Michigan
Sunday, Feb. 10, 2008

(.wmv format)

To view the 13 minute long video that I took at the reception, click on this link and your media player should open and begin playing the file. If that doesn't work or you wish to have you own copy, right-click on this link and select "Save link/target as..." to download and save the video file to your computer's hard drive. Once it is downloaded, you can click on the filename and Windows Media Player (or your default media player) will launch it so that you can view it. This video file is 39.4 Mb and has been compressed to fit a 320 x 240 pixel sized window (the same size as the image of the cake above, which is a screen capture from the video).

Contact me if you would like a copy of a higher resolution version of this video. It is 106.3 Mb and plays in a 640 x 480 pixel sized window (four times the area of the screen capture shown above that I made from the compressed video file).

Still Photos

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