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Click here to view St. Clement's Mass schedule, plus the Parish Directory, addresses and contact information. The church itself is located on the east side of Van Dyke Avenue, 3 blocks north of Ten Mile Road in Center Line, MI. (map)

Reunion Notice - St. Clement High School Class of 1972

St. Clement High School Class of 1969 held an informal reunion picnic on Saturday, September 16, 2006, at Center Line Memorial Park. If you missed it, contact either Steve Minnick or Carol Buswink by clicking on their name (enable javascript or allow active content if you do not see the links) to get added to the distribution list for the next one: or

Class of 1970
35th Anniversary Reunion

Our 35th Anniversary Reunion was held on Saturday evening, October 22, 2005 at Zuccaro's in Clinton Township, MI. The evening included a family-style dinner, open bar and a DJ. Eighty classmates and spouses spent a thoroughly enjoyable evening together (photos can be viewed here). Attendees came from as near as the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan and from as far away as Ohio, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, New Mexico and Colorado.

If you did not attend the reunion and would like a copy of the reunion booklet (which includes the names of all our classmates, plus the latest address and personal information for almost all of them), extra copies are still available for $10 by contacting Mike Grobbel .

The Reunion Planning Committee would like to thank everyone who attended, plus all of those who could not join us yet still responded to our invitation and questionnaire. It was your support that helped make this reunion a success.

Your Reunion Planning Committee:
Jim & Diane (Kujawa) Schneider
Mark & Mary (Pluszczynski) Makoski
Kathy (Rudy) Novak
Mike Grobbel

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Closing of St. Clement High School

Cardinal Adam Maida announced in March 2005 that St. Clement High School was one of 15 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Detroit that would be closed at the end of the 2004-2005 school year.
Here are some links to different articles and information about the announcement:

Macomb Daily - March 28, 2005 | "St. Clement's Sports Legacy"
Detroit Free Press - March 31, 2005 |
"St. Clement won't go easy" | "St. Clement's champion legacy"
Macomb Daily - March 17, 2005 |
"Changing demographics most likely reason for shutdowns"
Detroit News - March 17, 2005 |
"Tears flow as Catholic schools shut"
Archdiocese of Detroit Web Site - March 16, 2005 |
"2005 School Closings"
Macomb Daily - March 16, 2005 |
"St. Clement High School closing at end of school year"
Detroit Free Press - March 16, 2005 |
"Catholic schools to close"
Detroit News - March 16, 2005 |
"15 Detroit-area Catholic schools to close"

Norms of Conduct - St. Clement High School (ca. 1969)

"The norms of conduct are designed to provide an atmosphere conducive to the pursuit of learning.
Registration at St. Clement implies agreement with these norms."

Norms - part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

"St. Clement Students Stage Walk-Out" (1969)

The Macomb Daily covered the protest, which occured
in the spring of 1969.
(click on the image of the article to enlarge it for reading)

St. Clement Crusaders jacket patch (photo courtesy of Stephen A. Medvik)


St. Clement High School Crusaders
1966 Junior Varsity Football Team (6 wins-1 loss)
(click to enlarge photo)

Standing: Dave Boyd, Richard Platt, Joe Mayernik, Greg Phair, Bob Gabriel, Roger Susin, Mike Grobbel, John Kukan, Patrick Hennigan, Daniel Krajewski, Tom McGlinchy (soph.), Jerome "Potsie" Paruszkiewicz (senior, student mgr.).
Kneeling: Mike Kamego, Bob Miller, Joey Wiegand (soph.), Rich Killewald, Al Mulka (soph.), John Bradley (soph.), Tom Weertz, Brad Chapp, Greg Butson.
Coaches (not shown): Al Baumgart, Vic Henning, John Udvare

St. Clement Dad's Club 1966-67 All-Sports Banquet

The late Karl Sweetan, who was then a rookie quarterback for the Detroit Lions and who had recently made his first NFL start on Oct. 23, 1966 (a 27-14 loss to San Francisco), was the guest speaker at that year's banquet. Click on these links to view the individual pages of the banquet booklet, which list the names of all the sports participants, coaches and cheerleaders for that school year.

Banquet program - boosters and patrons
Boys football and baseball - girls basketball and softball
Boys basketball and track - Pep Club and cheerleaders - Dad's Club projects

Our Eighth Grade Class Photos (1965-66)

St. Clement Grade School, 8th Grade, 1965-66
182 Student Photos
(click to enlarge)

Teachers (top to bottom): Sr. Dominica (Room 13), Sr. Zeno (Room 17), Miss McFadden (Mrs. Stevens) (Room 16), Mr. Roek (Room 18).
Top row (left to right): Jim Gretz, Tina Przybycki, Monica Zelmanski, Sharon Czarniak, Mike Smith, Kathy Baginski, Margaret Kaiser, Paul Wurmlinger, Mary Ann Zielinski, Jane Kargula, Chris Schultes, Nancy Pytel, Sue Hodson, Bob Gabriel, Mary Lou Rinke, Tom Kucharski, Arlene Lulavage, Mike Gryniewicz.
Second row: (unknown), Casimir Pelak, Janice Tylkowski, Ted Wojno, (unknown), Claudia Beuchel, Mike Jenks, Denise Gierlaszynski, Dennis Pelczarski, Donna Jochum, Bob Durrenberger, (unknown), Tom Rumschlag, Judy Wiegand, Tom Werthman, Mary Ann Hayden, Mary Menozzi, John (Tish) Rzucidlo.
Third row: Herbert Chamberlain, Mary Ann Raczynski, Gerald Butler, Pam Gierlaszynski, Virginia (Susie) Reiss, Donald Vanier, Kathy Skiba, John Morawski, Gail Horetski, (unknown), John Lengyel, Anna Ackerman, Mike Gavigan, Karen Adamo, Greg Booth, Simone Vermeersch, Theresa Zahorchak, Randy Horendorf.
Fourth row: Yvonne Fronczek, Fred Wolf, JoAnn Herman, Sue Poelvoorde, Bob Swantek, David Hoste, Janice Potenski, (unknown), Joanne Barbeau, Peggy Lieckfelt.
Fifth row: Ann Ziobron, Daniel Hallman, Maria Bravo, Eugene Cryderman, Bertha Arseneault, Joanne Tylkowski, Yvonne Rao, Jim Schneider, Karen Kasper, Tom Ritter, Marie Liptak, David Brierre, Jocelyne St. Pierre.
Sixth row: Patrick Hennigan, Alexis Briggs, Dave Boyd, Roseanna Mroz, (unknown), (unknown), Kathy Jablonski, John Kukan, Mary Jo Susalla, Richard Wolski, Jo Ann Mayernik, Bennie Poma, (unknown), Ken Chrzanowski.
Seventh row: Rita Pisarski, Dianne Radtke, (unknown), Daniel Krajewski, Ardean Smith, Joyce Sucaet, Vince Borowski, Richard Platt, Carol Walters, Tom Bain, Diane Kujawa, Diane Brooks, Mary Wojciechowski, David Grone,.
Eighth row: Dennis Tschiltsch, (unknown), Vincent Kraemer, Sharon Skop, Mike Pelletier, Kathy Bice, Sue Meisner, Chris Raiss, (unknown), Kathy Kemichick, Danny Jazowski, Kathy Yersick, James Koehler, (unknown), Paul Stanczak, Linda Ziegler, Mary Dupuis, Gary Price, Carol Rumancik.
Ninth row: William Pawelczyk, Nancy Hellebuyck, Gail Hogan, John Sulek, Joan Vigneau, Charles Alaimo, Debbie Richter, Carolyn Alaimo, Marcia Goniwiecha, Gary Schultz, Pamela Felcyn, Tom Rzpecki, Cathy Juzek, Brad Chapp, Roger Susin, Susan Jaros, Ed Zukowski, Kathy Shannon, Lennie Victor.
Tenth row: Betty Blanzy, Dennis Warchol, Kathy Nalazek, Gerald Stepien, Marvin Burdo, Barbara Beeker, Greg Phair, Lynne Buechel, Bob Miller, Denise Duhaime, Rick Killewald, Patricia Kambeitz, David Styczynski, Mary VanDenBranden, Tom Weertz, Kathy Rudy, Nancy Plieman, Carl Sens, Gary Bahorski.
Eleventh row: Ralph Hill, Margaret Ziecik, Diane Harvey, Paul Chmielewski, Cynthia Cook, Jim Labash, Denise Schimmel, Janis Foresz, Jim Kaurich, Debbie Rezeppa, Kathy Tharrett, Mike Grobbel, Jeanette Ranieri, Joe Moran, Richard Long, Gloria Hryczyszyn, Joe Mayernik, Renee Turner, Glen Metalski. (not shown: Greg Butson).

St. Clement Church and School - photos and information from the family albums

St. Clement Catholic Church and Parish - from "Through the Years - a Photographic History of Center Line"

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