Photos taken at the St. Clement High School Class of 1970
35th Anniversary Reunion
Saturday evening, October 22, 2005
Zuccaro's, Clinton Township, MI

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Left to right: Bob & Gail (Hogan) Hendon, Paula (Blahovec) & Paul Eckhout, Paul & Patricia (Kambeitz) Zaborowicz, Sharon (Czarniak) & Dennis Trela (back to camera: Kathy (Yancy) Grobbel).

Left to right: Joe Mayernik, Tom & Kathleen Ritter, Alexis (Briggs) & Ron Borowski, Arlene Lulavage (hidden) and Nancy (Hellebuyck) Miller.

Left to right: Jocelyn (St. Pierre) Tucker, Pam (Felcyn) Juliar, Michael Fischer, Armand & Jo Ann (Hermann) Garza, Roseanna (Mroz) Sinelli, Mary Ann (Hayden) Cesarek and Mary Lou (Rinke) Lane.

Left to right: Perry & Kathy (Shannon) Hileman, Kathy (Kemichik) & Larry McElroy.

Left to right: Kathy (Sankuer) Eckhout, Patricia (Kambeitz) Zaborowicz, Sharon (Czarniak) Trela, Diane (Kujawa) Schneider, Roseanna (Mroz) Sinelli, Eugene Cryderman.

Left to right: Dennis Novak, Ann (Ziobron) Edwards, Kathy (Rudy) Novak, Bill Pawelczyk, Sharon (Skop) Misch, Paula (Blahovec) Eckhout, Cheryl Pawelczyk, Mary Jo (Susalla) Kaminski.

Left to right: (foreground) Kathleen Ritter, Joe Mayernik, Arlene Lulavage, (rear) Paul Stanczak, Charles Alaimo, John Morawski, Eugene Cryderman, Tom Ritter, Kathleen (Nalazek) Sirko.

Left to right, Pam (Felcyn) Juliar, Dianne (Radtke) Polk, Patricia (Kambeitz) Zaborowicz

Left to right: Jocelyn (St. Pierre) Tucker, Carol (Walters) French.

Left to right: Mark Makoski, Dennis Warchol, Bob Gabriel, Jo Ann (Hermann) Garza, Tom Ritter.

Left to right: Mary Ann Zielinski-Semon, Mary Lou (Rinke) Lane, Ann (Ziobron) Edwards.

Clockwise from rear: Joe Mayernik, Pam Gierlaszynski, Patricia (Kambeitz) Zaborowicz, Mary Ann (Hayden) Cesarek, Nancy (Hellebuyck) Miller, (unknown).

Left to right: Mike Grobbel, Mary Lou (Rinke) Lane, Mary Ann (Hayden) Cesarek, Mike Fischer.

The Reunion Planning Committee: Mark & Mary (Pluszczynski) Makoski, Kathy (Rudy) Novak, Diane (Kujawa) & Jim Schneider, Mike Grobbel.

Left to right: Charles Alaimo, Bill Pawelczyk, Mark Makoski.

Left to right: Nancy (Hellebuyck) Miller, Dave Hoste, Jo Ann (Hermann) Garza, Margaret Hoste, Mary Lou (Rinke) Lane.

Any additions or corrections are appreciated.
Mike Grobbel

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