The Village of Center Line, Michigan
1932 Partial Maps, Facts and Photos

The maps at the bottom of this page cover about one-fourth of the village and they were created in July of 1932 for fire insurance rating purposes. Included are a small scale map of all the streets in the village, plus a larger scale map showing the lots and houses in the area bounded by Van Dyke Ave., Warren Blvd., Sylvan Ave. and Wilson (Busch) Ave. Similar maps from 1927 can be viewed here .

The first Center Line Fire Dept. was located in Geo. Theut's Garage at 152 Engleman Ave. The Center Line Fire Dept. was later housed in the new Municipal Building on Ten Mile Rd.

Members of the Center Line Volunteer Fire Department, circa 1931, shown with their 1926 American La France Pumper.
Seated in cab (left to right): Elmer Fleschig, Clem Grobbel.
Back row (left to right): Joe Wiegand, Norb Rinke, Tony Vohs, Ed Grobbel, Ed (Sach) Schoenherr, George Rinke, Paul Elwart, Nels Giff, Bert Grobbel.
Front row (left to right): Leo Grobbel, Nels Zott, Dave Smith, George Theut (Chief), Jake Schnider, Mark Kunath, Harold Stilwell, Leo Schnoblen.


The histories of Center Line and the Grobbel family are very much intertwined. Here are some facts and recollections:

  • Around 1925, Clem began the "Clement Grobbel Cement Block Mfg." which was located on Dale Ave. in two structures at the rear of Lots 133 & 134. Dale Ave. did not yet intersect with Van Dyke Ave and his lots were located at the westerly dead end of the street. His business made cement blocks for house basements (the kind that had a split rock exterior finish) plus he excavated basements and footings and poured finished concrete floors. He also poured many of the sidewalks that were installed by the Village of Center Line in the second half of the 1920's. At right is a photo of his stamp that was impressed in the fresh concrete and which remained visible on the sections of many sidewalks that survived into the 1970's and possibly later.

Clem Grobbel's sidewalk stamp which identified his home address by its subdivision's lot number.

  • 25310 Van Dyke - Dick Teich's Bakery (Lot 3); later Renaud's Shoe Repair

  • 25306 Van Dyke - U.S. Post Office (Lot 3) (from 1928 until 1939); later a Chocolate Candy Shop, then Liberty Cleaners

  • 25302 Van Dyke - Dismore's Meat Market (Lot 3)

  • 25258 Van Dyke - John Buechel's Grocery Store (with apartments above) (Lot 3); later Aurelius "Real" Rivard's Grocery Store

  • 25250-2 Van Dyke - Gus Miller's Bar (with apartments above) (Lot 4)

  • 25226 Van Dyke - Heck's Barber Shop (Lot 1) (the ice house used to be located nearby to the rear of this building)

  • 25222 Van Dyke - Texaco Gasoline Filling Station (Lots 2 & 3 at the corner of Ritter Ave.)

  • 25160 Van Dyke - Shoe repair shop (Lot 2)

  • vacant lots - formerly the site of "Grobbel & Vohs" Plumbers and Electricians (much later this was the site of the second Wolf Hardware Store)

  • 25134-46 Van Dyke - Ben Wolf Building; built in 1921 at the northeast corner of Warren Blvd., it included Ben's hardware store, the Edison Office (later Homer Hazelton's Drug Store) and his family's upstairs living quarters

The buildings and businesses that occupied the block just south of St. Clement Church (ca. 1959)
Looking south down Van Dyke from about Ritter Ave.

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The Village of Center Line, Michigan - 1927 Partial Maps, Facts and Photos

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