Johannes and Agnes Grobbel

Johannes and Agnes Grobbel in the garden of their home in Schmallenberg. They graciously invited us to stay with them while we were in the Sauerland, and we thank them for their hospitality! Johannes is my 5th cousin, once removed, and he has been documenting the Grobbel genealogy since his retirement. It was his e-mail that was received by my aunt and forwarded to me in March of 1998 that resulted in my learning that the Grobbel roots are in the Sauerland.

Johannes Grobbel's Family Coat of Arms

Johannes Grobbel's grandfather's painting of the Madonna with Christ Child

Theodor and Walburga Grobbel of Milchenbach. "Theo" is my 6th cousin.

Their son, Günter Grobbel (right), of Milchenbach and his first cousin, Michael Grobbel (left), of Niedersorpe.
ünter and his brothers have started a web site at
Michael's brother, Peter Grobbel, of Bad Berleberg, has a web site for his
"Bed & Breakfast"

Franz Grobbel (left) and family, of Cobbenrode. Franz is my father's 3rd cousin, which makes him my 3rd cousin, once removed.

Egon Eickhoff and family, of Kückelheim. It is likely that he and I have a common set of Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents, which would make us 5th cousins.

The late Ludwig Brögger (left) and Dierk Stoetzel (right) at the "Gasthof und Brauerei Stoetzel", in Eslohe. Here they are looking at some genealogy information on a laptop computer. Ludwig provided me with the information that Josephina Grobbel also emigrated to Michigan about 20 years after her brothers Franz Anton, John and Daniel Grobbel. Dierk is my 5th cousin, once removed, and he is very interested in learning more about the people who emigrated from the Sauerland to other countries, especially the U.S.A.

Dierk has a web site (in English) about emigration from the Sauerland that you must visit !

Johannes Grobbel with Karl-Hans Voss (right), in the barn yard at the Schleimen Hof in Lenne.

I also had the honor of meeting two other Grobbel families while I was in the Sauerland, but unfortunately, I have no pictures from my visits with them.

Reinhard and Birgitta Grobbel live in Oberlandenbeck, with their three children: Andreas, Anna Maria and Michael. Reinhard has a cool web site that has some very interesting pictures.

I also met Christoph and Rainer Grobbel, who were home for the Easter weekend and staying with their father, Franz, in Frielinghausen. Christoph shares my interest in the Grobbel family genealogy, while Rainer is an avid chess player whose name keeps popping up all over the Internet. Franz keeps bees as a hobby, and I really enjoyed the jar of honey they gave me!

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