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On April 20, 2000, Phillip and I arrived in Germany for 10 days of sightseeing and discovery. During our trip, we spent 7 of those days in the Sauerland, which is a region in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the ancestral home of the Grobbel family. I returned again in Sept. 2003 for an additional 16 days, 12 of which were spent in the Sauerland. Take the following links to see some of the people and places we have visited and read some of the things we have learned. Pages 9-11 describe nearby places we visited that are outside of the Sauerland.

1. Sauerland Maps & Facts         7. Schmallenberg & the Osterfeuer
2. Obringhausen         8. Mt. Wilzenberg
3. Wormbach         9. Bad Berleburg, Bilstein
4. Cobbenrode, Kückelheim         10. Cologne
5. Lenne         11. Rhine Valley, Wiesbaden, Mainz
6. Milchenbach         12. People
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