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Robert Grobbel, Cox., USN (1926-2000)

Letter written on 19 Feb 1946 from aboard the USS LST-847, while in port at Sasebo, Japan

                          Feb. 19, 1946

Sasebo, Japan

Dear Dad & Mom,                          

Sorry for not writing this last month or two, but they have been keeping us busy with these dam Jap. and we are so dam fill up with it that there isn't much to say in a letter. We arrived here today with 1400 Jap's civilians which makes it our 4th trip to Sasebo. Two babies died last night when I had the watch so the P.H.M. and me had to bury them. Things sure don't look any good around China. The Chinese are sure getting mean to us over here and the MP are sure taking their side. Prices are sure high here now and our US dollar is hardly worth the paper it is printed on now.

I am sending a clipping I got out of the Stars & Stripes the other day in Tsingtao. It sure tells the truth but it should have been printed in the US paper instead of over here. But I am going to make these Japs pay for it more than one way. This is one reason why I haven't wrote because there isn't any thing to write about but gripes about hauling these Japs. We still haven't got pay yet. The ship is sure broke.

They caught two fellows off of our ship last week in Tsingtao trying to sell foul weather gear to the Chinks and they both got deck court out of it. It still is pretty cold up in Tsingtao yet, but realy nice here in Sasebo. We have another captain aboard and he is Regular Navy. Boy it sure looks like we will be over here quite awhile yet. By the looks of it I guess till Nov or Dec some time.

Say Dad did you ever get them films I sent home in Nov? Well it must be getting nice back home now.

We sure have lost the old crew aboard here now. Only have 11 men aboard who came into Bradford in the crew. Have quite a few new ones but sure are hard to learn them the routine of a L.S.T. But that is life in the Navy.

Well Dad I will knock off for now.

Your Son,

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