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Robert Grobbel, Cox., USN (1926-2000)

Letter written on 26 Jan1946 from aboard the USS LST-847, while in port at Sasebo, Japan

                          Jan. 26, 1946

Sasebo, Japan

Dear Dad & Mom,                          

Well at last I got to Japan, but a little late. We arrived here yesterday morning. I guess I wrote home the last of Dec, since then I haven't done very much. This port is about 30 miles north of Nagasaki. Haven't received your answer from my last letter but I guess it is waiting for me in Tsingtao. See, our operating port now for carrying the Japs is in Tsingtao and they keep our mail when we are on a run.

We carried 1,100 Jap civilians from Tsingtao to here and we will carry Chinese back to Tsingtao with us. I never got a chance to write to Alton while in Tsingtao because never knew what port we were going to. We are about 350 miles from him but I am still restricted to the ship but next time we get ready I will write him. We had about 350 to 400 women aboard and about 75 small babies aboard. One of the babies died the first night out.

I guess we are pulling out for Tsingtao some time tomorrow by the looks of things.

If things work out the way I wish them to, I think I will be getting transferred one of these days. Do not want to say what it will be because it is a volunteer job in Japan. But there is still the chance that I might not get it at all.

Boy the weather sure is swell down here compared to Tsingtao.

Say Dad, I almost forgot to tell you I received your Christmas Box about 2 weeks ago. Tell Mom Thanks a Million.

I guess Bob C. should be home by now. Tell him I will drop him a line later on.

Boy, Vince sure has the luck making it home again. Boy that guy has been having the breaks ever since he got in the C.G.

Well by the looks of things over here dad, Alt an me should be getting home about the same time.

Boy, old MacArthur sure has got things screwed up over here. He must be really making some good money over here and some big shots back in Washington.

Well, I guess most of the fellows are home by now. Say dad, did Jackie P. get a discharge yet?

Well dad, I've got to knock off for now.

Your Son,

Sorry, no stamps because we haven't got paid for about 2 months and no cigarettes. Say dad, did you ever get those 4 rolls of film I sent about the 1st of Nov? I sent them air mail and I was wondering if you got them.

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