U.S.S. Davenport (PF-69) - WW II Patrol Frigate
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"The Patrol Frigate Story - The Tacoma-class Frigates in World War II and the Korean War 1943-1953", by David Hendrickson; 180 pages, Fortis Publishing, 2011. The author served aboard the USS Albuquerque (PF-7) from its commissioning in December 1943 until August 1945. He is the former historian for the Patrol Frigate Reunion Association and through his book he seeks to preserve the memory of the patrol frigates of WWII and the Korean War.

Coast Guard Photographs Dick Levesque's website containing numerous historical photos of US Coast Guard ships, cutters, aircraft, stations and maritime disasters.

The U.S. Coast Guard in World War Two Historical facts, photos and information from the World War II 60th Anniversary Committee's website.

U.S. Coast Guard Historian's Office

The Coast Guard and the North Atlantic Campaign

Ocean Weather Ships, 1940-1980

Online Library of Selected Images: U.S. NAVY SHIPS -- Listed by Hull Number -- PF

"Death of a Wooden Shoe - A Sailor’s Diary of Life and Death on the Greenland Patrol, 1942", by Thaddeus D. Novak. Mr. Novak hailed from the northeast side of Detroit and enlisted in the USCG in Aug. 1941. This fantastic historical account is based on a diary kept by S1/c Novak from June through Dec. 1942.

"Where There Is No Glory" - a tribute to the Black Gang Engineers, originally published in the U.S. Coast Guard Magazine, 1943

The story and photos of "Sinbad" the famous Mascot of the USCG Cutter Campbell

Photos of other USCG Mascots

NavSource Online: Frigate Photo Archive, PF-69 Davenport

NavSource Online: Submarine Chaser Photo Archive, SC-705

NavSource Photo Archives: Gunboat (PG) Index, PG-86 & PG-95

"The Tacoma Class Frigates - The Forgotten Expendables of The Navy", by Christopher Eger

USS SC-705 Deck Log Excerpts

Web Page of Don F. Roban, who was a S1/c on the Davenport

James M. Gow's U.S. Coast Guard Military Service Photos
Lt. (j.g.) Gow was the USS Davenport's Assistant First Lieutenant.

Vincent Grobbel's letters of 8 June and 9 July 1945

Vince Grobbel's photos of USCG AIRSTA Salem (Feb & Mar 1946)

Coasties Rule! Photo slideshow of today's USCG in action.

Fred's Place - The Place to Meet Old Shipmates

"Semper Paratus" Words and Music

How to request Military Personnel Records

Splinter Fleet - The Wooden Sub Chasers of WW II

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Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association (CGCVA)
The CGCVA is a non-profit corporation of Active Duty Members, Retired Members, Reserve Members and Honorably Discharged Former Members of the United States Coast Guard who served in, or provided direct support to combat situations recognized by an appropriate military award while serving as a member of the United States Coast Guard.


Introduction | Specifications | OfficialHistory | Commissioning Program
Time Line | Crew | Photo Album | The Ship's Radio | Links

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